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Who we are

Invor is a collective foundation providing insurance for medium and large-sized enterprises.

Our flexible solutions constitute a powerful instrument in the provision of occupational pension schemes and cover the complex needs of industrial enterprises. Thanks to our profound knowledge in this branch, we are able to offer a unique service to our customers.

Independent of banks and insurance companies, we furnish Swiss industrial enterprises with standardised, but also tailor-made, pension fund solutions. Larger and smaller MLEs with a total of about 2.500 insured persons place their trust in Invor, which has more than 40 years of experience in implementing sound solutions for occupational pension schemes.

Invor stands for attractive funding, sound performance and a constantly above-average coverage. In short: Invor is ready for the future.


From group pension fund to independent collective foundation.

Invor is well established in the Swiss industrial sector. Since our formation in 1973, we have insured many thousands of employees. We are proud of our heritage, as von Roll Holding AG has long been one of the most trusted names in Swiss industry.

In 2006, we reached a milestone, restructuring the transformation of the pension fund into an independent collective foundation. Even today, after 40-plus years as a reliable partner, we still enjoy an outstanding financial position.