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exVor pension plan

Safeguarding the future with our comprehensive pensions plan – ideally suited for managers and executives.

In the exVor plan the type of benefits and the amount of retirement credits for accrued savings are fixed. Two different contribution scales apply, depending on annual salary.

As with the Standard plan, the exVor plan offers a variety of financing models to choose from. In addition, the employer must pay a minimum level of contributions equivalent to the sum of all employee contributions. The exVor plan is ideally suited for employees with positions in middle and senior management.

Benefits overview of the exVor plan:
    • Old age pension or capital sum as retirement benefits
    • Disability pension at 60% of the insured salary
    • Spousal / partner pension at 60% of the insured disability pension
    • Children’s pension at 20% of the insured disability pension
    • Death benefit