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At Invor, two of our highest priorities are to handle our active plan members and pensioners’ assets responsibly, and to ensure that they see their assets grow.

Invor stands for attractive funding, sound performance and a constantly above-average coverage. In short: Invor is ready for the future.

To guarantee that we can continue to maintain this quality standard, we commit to the following seven business principles:

1. High pension quality
Invor’s financial stability is, of course, our main feature. The profound knowledge of our competent specialists  guarantees the unconditional quality of our pension products.

2. Professionalism
Well-functioning structures form the backbone of Invor’s operations. The associated pension schemes and their respective commissions both control and determine the use of uncommitted funds. The interests of pension recipients are represented by a pensioners’ commission.

3. Legally abiding operations
The bodies of the foundation, jointly engaged on an equal basis, together with the pension fund management, the pension actuaries, investment specialists, auditors and the supervisory authorities of the Canton guaranty that business is conducted in conformity with the relevant legal provisions.

4. Return on capital
Invor uses a proportion of return on capital, primarily for the creation of the necessary provisions and reserves, In this way, the financial security of the foundation is guaranteed at all times.

Any disposable funds are used exclusively to the benefit of the actively insured persons and the persons receiving a pension.

5. Product variety
Pension requirements vary from company to company. Invor offers a wide range of standardised and customised pension plans that specifically meet the needs of different companies.

6. Regular updates
Invor provides all of our affiliated companies and plan members with regular detailed updates concerning investment returns and other financial data.
7. Efficient and cost-effective administration
The slim structures enable an efficient administration, the costs of which are covered by the earnings. Hence, we do not charge any additional administration fees to the member enterprises.